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A Special Note to My Readers

I started blogging when I discovered that I missed tamales. An item once easily available at my local grocer when we lived in Texas, I had trouble finding them after we moved to Florida. I could find tamales in the can, or these huge frozen tamales, but nothing like I was accustomed to. So I learned how to make them from the internet. I decided to share my recipes with others. Another reason why I decided to blog was to keep the recipes in the family. My late grandmother used to make the best sour dough biscuits. She left this world with the recipe. No one in my family knows how she made them. I have scoured the internet, tried a gazillion biscuit recipes, and have even experimented on my own without any luck. I was too young at the time to know what she used, but I do remember she used to cover and let them rise in a bowl, so I know she added yeast. I’m just not sure if she used a starter as well. She never rolled them out and cut them with a biscuit cutter. She would place them in a 9” round cake pan and bake them. They would come out huge, like cakes. There would be about 4-5 servings in her pan. They were delicious. Anyway, it is my goal, to find a similar recipe for her biscuits.

I love Tex-mex. I don’t think I’ve ever eaten authentic Mexican food. Matter-of-fact, the only “mole” I know how to make is guacamole. Since watching food network, I have discovered that there are a lot of Mexican flavors I have never tried. However, I do have several recipes that I prepare on a frequent basis, that I want to share with others who have similar tastes. Not only is it Tex-mex, but just good southern cooking. Probably not good for you (healthy wise), but delicious and tasty. I try to add some recipes that are healthier, like my chicken salad and tortilla soup whenever I can though. I hope you enjoy them.